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Dark Horse Comics - Lisa Petrucci's Kick-ass Cuties Figurine Lil' Miss Monster 18 Cm

Lisa Petruccis Kickass Cuties Figurine

Dark Horse Comics

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A lot of fun to play super heroes with Lisa Petrucci's Kick-ass . It weighs roughly 0.55 lbs. Great deal on Lisa Petrucci's Kick-ass . Should you need a great deal for this Kick Ass toy, check out our partners via the add to cart button.

Lisa Petrucci collects old toys, dolls, kitsch, pinup art, and vintage men's magazines at an obsessive pace. The natural subsequent step after gracing a lot of a wood slab with her adorable images is vinyl! Eventually these things developed their way into her artwork and she discovered the perfect format to capture them-the souvenir wood plaque. Every single slab of wood is lovingly painted using the things she enjoys most and celebrate sexuality, femininity, and all that is cute. Lil' Miss Monster stands approx. Devilish Dolly and Lil' Miss Monster is the first inside a series of vinyl figures depending on Lisa's popular characters. 18 cm tall. Her perform has been exhibited and enjoyed in the US, Copenhagen, and Stockholm, and has been featured in many diverse publications.


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